Weekly Caravan Information

Thank you for your interest in the Mission Bay Real Estate Association. We meet every Tuesday from 9:00 – 10:00 a.m. at the Mission Bay Yacht Club 1215 El Carmel Place in Mission Beach. It is the best way to expose your new listings to many agents at one time, and get the latest updates on properties and community concerns.  In addition, we have great speakers and often have hosted breakfast.


A.    MBREA uses the Paragon computer system provided by SDMLS to create our bulletin. If you with someone other than SDMLS (for example CRMLS) please reach out to MBREA to confirm that your property is on Caravan, as the various associations do not all sink their information and often do not show up in the G12 tour online.

B.    As aMBREA member, you may enter your listings on the caravan free of charge.

C.    Non-members may pay $20, cash or credit card to have your listing on tour. This must be done by 11 a.m. Monday (except when Monday is a holiday. the deadline is the previous Friday at noon.) To pay fee online go to www.mbrea.net – Membership – Member Services – Caravan Non – Member, Quantity 1 and then next to check out. It will send a notification email to the Executive Director & to yourself. ** Please note no refunds will be given if you cancel the property from Caravan.**

D.    Guests may attend for two times, paying $5.00 each time but may not pitch. After the second time they would need to become a member to continue attending.

E.    Add your listing to the caravan via the Paragon MLS function prior to the weekly deadline of 11 a.m. Monday (except when Monday is a holiday, the deadline is the previous Friday at 11 a.m.). 

F.     You MUST pitch your listing at the meeting during CARAVAN PITCHESNON-PITCHED LISTINGS WILL BE CANCELLEDThe property must also be held open to be on the MBREA Caravan from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. You should have flyers available at the property, as there is not sufficient space at the Yacht Club to display everyone’s flyers.

G.    Make your entries early.  If you miss the deadline you may add your entry at the time of the marketing meeting.  Add-on slips are available at the front table. 

H.    Members generally carpool and view the properties at their own pace. 

1.     Select “Listings”

2.     Select “Maintain” “Listings”

3.     Input “Listing Number” or “Property Address”

4.     Click “Search Action”

5.     Click on “Tour Listing” (note only use “Tour” for Caravan)*

6.     Click on “Green + Sign”

7.     Complete the information

8.     The caravan time is 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

9.     The date is Tuesday’s date*

10.  Be sure to enter tour G12. *

11.  Click on “Save

If you have any questions call Teri at 858-412-0386.  I cannot add your listing to the caravan via Paragon.  You must do this under your own MLS number.