Instructions for MBREA Open House

MBREA Open House Information

A.     MBREA uses the Paragon MLS computer system provided by SANDICOR to create our Open House sheet.

B.     As a MBREA member, you may enter your listing on the Open House sheet free of charge.

C.     Add your listing to the Open House via the Paragon MLS function prior to the weekly deadline of 5:00 PM Thursday.

D.    Only paid MBREA members Open House will be on sheet.

E.     Instructions for inputting an Open House

1.     Select “Listings”

2.     Select “Maintain & Listings”

3.     Input “Listing Number”, “Property Address” or click from list of properties

4.     Click on “Open House”(note only use “Open House”)

5.     Click on “Green + Sign”

6.     Complete the information

7.     Click on “Save”

If you have any questions call Teri Christesnsen at 858-412-0386. I cannot add your listing to the Open House via Paragon. You must do this under your own MLS number.