It seems some scam artists have gone through the member directory on this site and have mass emailed some or all our members with an official MBREA looking email.  I do not know what their purpose is, but it surely isn't good.  They're likely to be trying to steal your identity, your login/password on this and other sites, and so on.

One such email that was forwarded to me came from an email address at some Canadian organization.  It did not originate from MBREA, this WWW site, or anyone affiliated with MBREA or this site.

When you receive emails such as this one or any other that seem questionable, even it is from someone you know, your best bet is to immediately delete the email from your mail program and empty your trash/delete all the mails in the deleted folder.  NEVER click on any links in these emails.

I've had several of my acquaintances get their Windows machine hacked.  The hackers (it's automated) go through the person's contact list and send out suspicious looking emails.  I have received several like this, and I delete them and then email my acquaintance that they've been hacked.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

Thank you

-- Michael Schwartz, MBREA Webmaster.